Sunday, January 11, 2009


Greetings, my puck buddies!

Gee, doesn’t that sound like something Spock would have said on the old Star Trek TV series, ehh? What a hoot those old shows were. Cap’n Kirk always got the chick. I didn’t ever think about that until one evening a few years back, a young lady that I was dating told me so. It was right after a mighty fine evening, at that, where she kept saying “Way to go Captain”. As I gave her a ride home afterwards I finally asked her what she meant and she provided the simple explanation. Made me feel pretty good – musta been doing something right, for sure.

Yeah, but Spock on the other hand would just raise an eyebrow in his quiet resourceful way and contemplate the situation as completely logical (or maybe illogical). He himself only getting off on some sort of Vulcan specific mind-meld of sorts. Well, whatever toots your horn is what I say. I myself though prefer to stir the pot if ya get my drift.

Gosh durn if it isn’t already 2009. Ain’t that something, ehh? Getting as old as I fool am, I gotta tell ya, I managed to stay up this time to watch the old digital clock on the cable TV box flip over to 12:01. Yup, lots of these years lately I haven’t made it to that point in the evening. Pounding a six pack and some celebratory holiday hard stuff, all combubulated together, just pretty much knocks me on my ass anymore. But in my day, I’m telling ya, I could drink all a ya young whipper-snappers right under the table. And party my fool ass off, you betcha, finishing up every damn good-time evening before going home with some early morning breakfast at Denny’s – the Grand Slam, baby. Uh huh! I was always looking for a good time and any opportunity to get my drink on – didn’t have to be no New Years Eve party, no sirree.

Eating, drinking, TV and turning into a lard-ass right now is all it seems that I’m doing. Being unemployed and recovering from that freakin brain injury has just about turned me into a turd. I need to get my ass out on the ice again and I mean soon.

Damn! I really love hockey. That’s all there is to it. It’s the best dang sport in the world. In my day, the faster that it was and more physical that it was the better it was. Hell, the dirtier the better. And it didn’t matter if it was me and my boys or some opposing rascals that were pulling the high-jinx. It all made it better. That’s what folks mean when they refer to “old time hockey”. Yup, the rough stuff.

Well if I can’t skate right now then I at least can watch a mess of it on the tube. Oh heck, that term is going to be phased out soon enough. All of my televisions are the type with picture tubes. They still work just fine so I’m not about to replace them anytime soon. Now I figure most a ya out there have TVs that are of the newer flat screen technology – LCD or plasma. So what term are we gonna use when “tube” gets retired? Makes ya wonder, ehh.

Since Christmas there sure has been a bunch of hockey to watch though. Gee, I got to see some of a Minnesota high school tournament going on down at the cities, parts of a college tourney coming out of Denver I think, some regular NHL games, the Winter Classic in Chicago (again another one of the best ideas from the NHL in ages), and best of all the World Junior Championships.

I loved watching those national junior teams kicking it. Damn good hockey all around. Those boys, no matter which team, no matter the outcome – they’re all walking with wood for sure. Only draw back in my opinion, of course, is that they restrict them too much from dropping the gloves and really getting rough. Oh well, you can’t have it all. And as a second thought, punching face cages and half shields just ain’t really the same. Is it?

Wayno “D-Pity” Studholm came by the cabin and watched the final with me between Canada and Sweden. It was an excellent game all the way around. Yup. It was more physical than most of the others that I had watched. I had seen Sweden play in a previous game and had really been quite impressed with their speed and play making skill. So I had been expecting quite a bit more from them. I was pretty much pulling for them, didn’t hurt that I’m half Swedish by my ancestral decent. I think that D-Pity might be one hundred percent Swedish, but I ain’t absolutely sure.

So me and D-Pity are pounding the brews and munching on pizza that he brought over while watching the game. We’re cussing and screaming on occasion. High-fiving and such as was necessary to increase the entertainment value of the game. But damn if it didn’t seem that at about half way through the second period the Swedes just started to fuck-up. Well, not all of them. Just the forwards. It seemed to me that each forward didn’t realize that he was skating on a line with two other dudes. What I was seeing from the mid point on was a forward skating with the puck thinking that he could do it all and only working with his defensemen, but not with his line mates. It got so bad that it turned into one of those situations where I wished that I could pick up the phone and call the Swedish coach and tell him what was going on. Have him pull the boys in and give them the “what for” that they seemed to need.

Damn though! It probably wouldn’t have done any good anyway if I could have gotten a call through because the Swedish coach didn’t look like he could understand English very well. And I sure for shit can’t speak a word of Swedish. Oh well, it just got a bit frustrating.

But the game was still great to watch regardless of the victor and late poor play by the Swedes. The beer we drank was cold and the pizza hit the spot. D-pity was good to have around. Ya know, all those years where he just sort of had vanished off the face of the earth have just kinda melted away. It seems as though we’ve been best friends all along – never skipping a beat in our crazy lives. That’s good shit – having close buds and of course having puck buddies are the best, ehh.

During one of the intermissions in the game I got up to take a leak and just a whole shit-load of pizza crumbs fell from my lap onto the floor. I commented, “Oh fuck! The honey’s gonna give me heck over that mess!” She’d gone over to her sister’s earlier to catch up on some gossip and watch a chick-flick that one of ‘em had rented, so she wasn’t around to keep the two of us in line.

D-Pity saw the mess on the floor and started to get up, dumping some from his lap too, saying, “Jasper, I’ll clean this up, but it reminds me of something. I’ll tell you about my trip when you get back from pissing.”

When I came back from the head, he was just dumping a dustpan full of pizza crumbs into the trash. We both sat back down and he grabbed the clicker and muted the tube.

“Those crumbs reminded me of my trip to Cleveland a week or so before Christmas. I generally fly back there every other month or so for a couple of days. I’m majority owner of a business there and just like to stop in to meet with management and make sure everything is on track. It’s just one of the investments that I have from the money I got back then.”

“I fly into Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport and always stay at the Holiday Inn down on Royalton Road. It’s near the airport, the factory and best of all an ice rink. Its pretty nice rink, the Hoover Arena, and only about two blocks from the Holiday Inn. They’ve got pickup games there on weeknights so I’ve got a set of gear that I keep in a locker at the factory and usually get in a game or two while I’m in town. It’s a good skate and I usually don’t have to get up too early any time when I’m in Cleveland. I schedule the times for meetings so I generally can get the skate in, some drinking after and then a good night’s sleep without messing anything up.”

“So Jasper this no shit. I’m telling you the truth. This happened to me. I think it was a Tuesday night and I had gotten in a good game. Even scored a couple of goals. Afterwards a couple of the guys said they were going over to McCarty’s Ale House on Pearle for some brews. It’s pretty much just around the corner and I usually go there and tip a few with the guys. But that night I was feeling a little beat because my travel had originated in California that day instead of up here. Just had seemed like a long day already. So I went back to the hotel instead and stopped in their lounge, Vinney’s, for just one cold one before going up to my room. Most nights that I’m in town and not skating I’ll stop in here after dinner and chat with the bartender. Usually it’s pretty quiet, maybe a couple of other folks at the bar and a group or two at tables or the booths, but pretty subdued compared to McCarty’s.”

“I’m about finished with my first brew and contemplating whether to take one up to my room when two ladies strolled in from the hotel lobby. One looks kinda skanky like a crack whore but the other one was a looker. She had a face and body like Jessica Biel but with kinky dark hair like Amy Irving. They started moving over to a booth when the cute one broke away and bounced off some tables coming up to the bar. I’m telling you Jasper, there was all kinds of space for her to stand at the bar but she squeezed in between me and the stool next to me and called to bartender. Then she sort of leaned away from me and gave me a good look. I could tell that she was looped but she had a sweet fragrance about her.”

“The bartender came over and took her order and then she said to me ‘Hi.’ She twisted sideways and leaned into me and dropped her left hand in my lap trying to keep her balance. Then she said ‘You’re kinda cute’, and gave me a firm squeeze. There was no fumbling, it was quite apparent that her hand knew exactly what it was doing. Then she said to me ‘What do ya want to do, I’m feeling pretty good’, and smiled.”

“I looked back at her friend, she was ignoring us and looked about ready to pass out in the booth. She looked over at her friend too and said ‘Fuck her, she’s been a bitch all night. Are you staying here? Lets go to your room.’”

“I was there Jasper! This was like something you only fantasize about. I waved to the barkeep and told him to put it on my tab as I wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her to the elevator.”

“Once we got up in my room we started to get down to it. A lot of passion and lot of heat. She got up after a while and found her purse and pulled a baggy out of it. I’m thinking ‘drugs’ and shit we don’t need that – not now. Before I know it she squeezes the baggy with both hands, then rips it open over the bed and dumps crumbs all over me and the bed. Before I know even know what the shit is she’s crawling all over me and the bed licking and sucking the crumbs up. All the while just sort of moaning ‘Mmmmm, graham crackers, mmmm I just love graham crackers, mmmm’ over and over again. Well, I’ll tell you, I wasn’t complaining even though that bed was an absolute mess. After a while, quite a while actually, she jumped up after looking at the clock radio on the nightstand and said ‘Oh shit, I gotta go. I gotta get Cindy home before her hubby gets off of night shift.’ She got herself dress and bolted.”
“Best night I’ve had in ages Jasper! Couldn’t believe it. Never even got her name.”

“D-Pity, ya might be thinking that I think that that’s a pile a bullshit. Right? Crazy-ass as it sounds, that graham cracker mess and all, but I had something similar almost happen to me once.”

“Wheats” he says, “you’re full of it. You’re so butt-ugly there isn’t any way that a looker like this woulda ever hit on you.”

I returned with, “Yeah maybe now, cuz I’ve aged and my little lopsided body has shrunk a bit. But there was an evening after a late practice where two sweethearts came in the bar together. Course this was before I ever had met my honey. One chick was hot and the other not. The hotty pulled in between me and whoever the heck was sitting next to me at the bar and grabbed me a bit too. The other girl came over to the bar and pulled her friend away from me before anything more could transpire. Hell, who knows, it could have been crackers in bed for me that night too. Ya lucky son of a bitch.”

With that, I threw an empty at him bouncing off of his shoulder.

The intermission had about ended and the game was going to start back up.

Wayno walked over and picked the can up and said “Ya know Jasper? Ya know? Maybe I believe you. Maybe I don’t. No biggie. Hey! You know we‘ve had enough snow now that those hills by the creek are probably ready for some radical sledding again. You think you and Stinky can come on out for some emergency room action again?”

“Shit, that was such a blast last year. You’ll dig it big time D-Pity. But I think cuz of my brain injury that I’ll have to pass on it this whole winter but I’ll come out and watch you and Stinky hurt yourselves. Ha-ha!”

And we got back to watching hockey on the tube. Sure glad that there’s still half of the regular season left to be played and then there’ll be the terrific second season ehh.

Okee dokee! Jasper here flinging it until next time.

Skate hard ya crazy-ass crunked out puckers.